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You can buy from or sell to, or trade with anyone located at any distance, on any continent, island or polar cap on Earth.
Some kinds of advertising can be posted to a website and left displayed for years straight if you like, at no more than a minimal ongoing expense.
Many medium and large-sized businesses worldwide are planning now for future participation in a global economy, buying from and selling to all. The remaining firms are already doing it.


We know how to get past the snags and SNAFUs. Though the sources of problems are very nearly infiinite in number, there aren't many problems we have not seen and dealt with already.
We're local. We're permanent residents. We're here for you.
The elements of design are all around in Laguna Beach - color, texture, harmony, balance and mass are everywhere you look. In a world of graceless link farms, you can expect your site to look very good and keep surfers hanging around your site to get to know you better.

949 -494-1087

To email us, click:
First Time Systems, PO Box 1592 Laguna Beach, Ca 92652

I make good websites for good people
You can see examples of that work by clicking
here - the site of noted psychologist and writer Marion Jacobs,

or here - the site of Jennifer Heflin, Laguna Woods real estater,
or here - the site of civic activist and advocate of car-free living, Michael Hoag,
or here - the site of fine furniture impresaria Judy Lawrence,
or here - the sites of clay figurine sculptor Jessica deStefano,
also an entrepreneur with a fine line of yoga figurines to sell,
or here- the site of Mission Viejo figurative artist Leroy Matinez,
or here- Laguna Beach general contractor Mike Morris,
or here - excellent Orange County maintenance firm Cleaning Frenzy,
or here - innovative artist Michele (Mike) Smith's walkable art,
or here, where Laguna Beach makes known its annual Patriot's Parade.

My rates for web work are reasonable and so am I.
If you been scared off by grandiose plans and five finger quotes
when all you wanted was advertising exposure and an address
of your own on the web, let's talk.


 last modified April 23, 2006